Animated Joy – the App

Concept by Julianne Castillo (Animated Joy)

app login pic
App design by Julianne Castillo

Hello fellow movie lovers! So today’s post is a little different. I wanted to share my brain child with you. I came up with a concept for an app called “Animation House.”  This app is a movie service devoted to animated movies and related topics. This service would require you to have an account which would cost at the very most $5 a month.

app home page pic
App Menu design by Julianne Castillo

Once you log in, there is a menu tab to direct you to all of the amazing things that this app would have to offer. On your Profile tab you can choose to include a profile picture or even upload your Bitmoji avatar as your profile. Your profile will also show you all of the videos you’ve watched, what you rated them, and suggested movie genres. In the Movies tab, you can see all of the available movies on the app. There would be another menu on the Movies page that allows you to navigate genres. On the News page, there will be programming that allows you to see all news related to upcoming movie releases. On the Forums page, you can connect with other people,in chat rooms, who have watched the movies you have already watched. If you include your city and state, then you will have access to location specific chat rooms. There will even be direct messaging capabilities; who knows maybe you could make new friends through movies. On the Points page, you will be able to keep track of how many points you get and how you can redeem them. The idea is that if you write reviews, invite people to the app, and show your devotion to animation by watching movies, you can be rewarded with things like Fandango coupons or free download codes. In Settings, you can manage your account settings, get customer service help, if needed, and log out.

The goal of this app is to broaden the viewing audience of animation and to help people connect through film. The cinematic experience is one we can all partake in, and one we should partake in. Cinema has the power to transport us to whole other worlds and connect us with each other. I hope you will watch this YouTube video and experience how powerful cinema can be.

As always, grab some popcorn, sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Author: animatedjoy

I am a student at Texas State University. I love cats, naps, and movies.

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