Beauty and the Beast (1991)

Tale as old as time



Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is a timeless classic that continues to be loved by people

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everywhere. Maybe it is because of Disney’s movie magic, or maybe it is because this film had the directors Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise to make this movie a success. Other members of this successful team included Linda Woolverton, animation and screenplay writer, and Brenda Chapman, story writer. After it’s release, Beauty and the Beast won twenty-seven of the forty-eight awards it was nominated for, including two Oscars for in the “Best Music” category. With voices such as Angela Lansbury, Paige O’Hara, and Robby Benson, this film successful (full cast).

Beauty and the Beast was originally released in Uruguay on June 26, 1991. The first time this film was aired in the US was on September 29, 1991, at the New York Film Festival. From there, Beauty and the Beast made it’s way to silver screens across the States and was finally released to the public on November 22, 1991. With an estimated budget of $25,000,000, Beauty and the Beast has continued to earn money, grossing up to $218,967,620 as of May 2012.

Story line

The story of the Beauty and the Beast starts out with a young prince, named Adam, refusing to help an older woman who comes to his front door. The old woman then transforms into a beautiful enchantress and curses the prince to punish him for his foolish vanity. Some years later, we see a beautiful girl named Belle walking through the

Beauty and the Beast 1991

city. The people of the city find Belle to be a very odd girl because she reads books. Now, if it wasn’t enough for her to be judged for reading, she was also judged because of her genius father who was thought of as the town loon. While her father is out searching in the woods, he comes across a castle and is taken prisoner by the beast. Belle’s father’s horse runs back to their home to get Belle and return to the castle.

Nobly, Belle offers to take her father’s place as the beast’s prisoner. Through a series of stories from the servants, now cursed to be random household objects, Belle learns of the beast’s situation and how he must learn to see people for the beauty within.

Deeper meaning

Although many people recently have started to see Beauty and the Beast as a tale of simple Stockholm Syndrome, there is a much deeper understanding of this story. The first is an encouragement to young girls everywhere: be bold, keep reading, learn, be you no matter what society thinks. The second is a critique on society: don’t judge people by how they appear on the outside, like the prince did. We, like the townspeople, cannot simply hate someone because they literally look like a beast. People are like books, there is more to them than just their covers.

But this is just my interpretation. As always, I encourage you to watch the trailer, rent the movie, grab a bag a popcorn, and enjoy!


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